Lauren Hirsch on LUNA GALE

Posted on November 14, 2017

After I read Luna Gale, I knew I had to be a part of this production. I cried when I first read the script by Rebecca Gilman. I was deeply touched by these characters and their struggles and complexity. Then reading the script again, I was fascinated by how she wove the whole play so intricately – every scene holds significance. When Michael Stevenson cast me as Karlie, I was ecstatic. I was also nervous because I would be onstage with actors I really admire, but every actor on this production welcomed everyone with open arms and laughter.  

LUNA GALE by Rebecca Gilman

Lauren Hirsch & Amy Resnick* in LUNA GALE by Rebecca Gilman at Capital Stage. Directed by Michael Stevenson. Photo by Charr Crail. *Member Actors’ Equity Association.

Something I really admired during this process, even though we were discussing heavy material, is that we were all able to find the humor – either from our lives or in the play and share it with one another. Michael, our director, opened the door for that enjoyment every rehearsal. He created a safety net of trust from the beginning, which has continued through the performances keeping all of us sane, even when real life became disconcerting.

The #MeToo movement took hold during our Tech and into our preview performances. My Facebook news page was flooded with #metoo, with some brave souls sharing their stories. Sexual assault allegations continue to appear in the news as men and women rally their courage to speak about the invasion of their being. This movement struck a chord with me, and I realized how important Luna Gale is in this way and how relevant it is with two women revealing their assaults in this play and how their lives were forever altered from that moment.

Luna Gale also deals with drug abuse and the foster care system. After every performance my fellow actors and I find ourselves speaking with a social worker or two about how the content of this play is what they deal with on a daily basis. The foster care system was not something I thought about ever, but this play has made me think about it and the children who are unfortunately lost in the shuffle of paperwork, and the social workers doing their best for these children.

This play has made me reconsider how I should contribute to society. It has me questioning many things. Is there a way to heal drug addictions? Is there a way to stop sexual assault? In what way can I help the foster care system?

My time on this production has been incredible, and I know it has altered me as an actor and as a human being. 


Lauren Hirsch
Actor, Director & Capital Stage Apprentice