Playwrights’ Revolution

Capital Stage presents its annual new works festival PLAYWRIGHTS’ REVOLUTION, a series of staged readings of new plays. As Sacramento’s leader of bold, thought-provoking theatre, Capital Stage created PLAYWRIGHTS’ REVOLUTION, to identify and develop new plays and playwrights. Each year, a handful of plays are carefully selected from hundreds of submissions. Directors and actors are selected, and audiences are invited to participate in post-reading discussions to contribute to the development of the world’s newest plays. 

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2017 Selections:

by Michael Higgins
Directed by Kirk Blackinton
Tuesday, July 25 at 7:00 pm in Studio 114
E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts

Weary of our corrupt and dying planet, a brilliant young engineer is blasting off today on a mission to colonize another world. Her ex-boyfriend believes the Earth – and their relationship – can be saved. But first he must convince her to stay – and hope his new robotic arm doesn’t ruin everything. Six couples wrestle with the future of love in this comedy about where we’re headed. Featuring: Kevin Adamski, Gina Harrower, Shannon Mahoney, Imani Mitchell, Tory Scroggins, Cole Winslow


by Stanton Nash
Directed by Rob Salas
Wednesday, July 26 at 7:00 pm

Welcome to the future. The audience has gathered. And now the show can begin. Polly, the evening’s host and storyteller, brings us along her recent memories of the Hack, how it affected American culture, and, most importantly, how it destroyed a beloved couple’s marriage… Thankfully, there’s a drug for that! With NepentheTM you get to keep all the memories, but erase all the grief. But, when Polly discovers that Delsen, her husband, slipped NepentheTM in her drink, she seeks revenge the best way she knows how: digital rampage. With the help of technology and dramatization, Polly takes her audience down the rabbit hole of her memory and eventually leads them to a shocking realization: she is immune to the drug she now yearns for. With her own marriage now in shambles, she tracks down her long-lost friend to ask one final question: If grief is a private matter, how can we expect it to exist in a world with no privacy? Featuring: Ian Hopps, Andrea Love, Kelley Ogden, Kyle Stoner, Omari Tau


by Laura Shamas
Directed by Dena Martinez
Thursday, July 27 at 7:00 pm

Circe’s island. A strange warrior approaches. Or is it modern day Afghanistan, and an officer approaches? A young army psychiatrist becomes entangled in the world of The Odyssey on her first tour of duty in Afghanistan. But what’s real? What actually happened in combat between a soldier and her commanding officer is revealed. Featuring: Adrian Roberts, B.W. Gonzalez


by Aaron Wilton
Directed by Jennifer King
Friday, July 28 at 7:00 pm

“The play about a dick” is a dark, existential comedy following a middle-aged woman (Enid) as she meets with a younger man (Murray) on Craigslist for sex. Instead, the conversation turns to a very specific sexual vulnerability of Murray’s, which leads to an unpredictable and rash reaction. As Enid and the family around her adjusts to the jarring shift, her life spirals outwards. “The play about a dick.” explores themes of intimacy, communication, guilt, kindness, solitude, empathy, gender roles, human connection, post-truth reality and existential vacuity. It is also a play about a dick. Featuring: Emily Brown, Jamie Jones, Jeremy Kahn, Tim Kniffin, Amy Resnick, Ryan Snyder


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